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Performance Evaluations


Soaring Heights Charter School Performance and Evaluation Committee Standards

In keeping with the New Jersey Charter School philosophy of innovative practice, Soaring Heights Charter School in Jersey City is proposing to pilot an alternative to the current teacher evaluation and supervision program. In this original system, teachers observe one another with immediate follow-up discussions conducted under the direction of the Supervisor. Through these discussions, difficult to hear information addressing classroom organization, management, and teaching practices is relayed in constructive ways that allow the observed teacher to relax and more readily accept suggestions and incorporate them into classroom practices. In a society seeking to improve teacher performance, Soaring Heights Charter School is unique. Its teacher evaluation model derives its vitality from the fact that the school is teacher-managed and-operated which leads to teachers being highly invested in each other's performance. At Soaring Heights, teachers are continuously observed by committees of all their colleagues. The teachers are adamant in their commitment to their work style because they've seen how it has transformed every aspect of their teaching world. As a result, this has been made a job requirement by the teachers themselves.

Download the SHCS Performance and Evaluation Committee Standards here.
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