Kindergarten Home Practice

Kindergarten Home Practice

January 28th, 2022

Kindergarten Home Practice

January 24 - 28, 2022

Spelling Lesson 5

kid hid lid rid did have  

Monday 1/24

  • Math pages 321-322

  • Recipe for reading pages 87-88

  • Spelling Lesson 5- 2x each 

  • Get spelling test signed- it is in the back of the spelling book

Tuesday 1/25

  • Math IXL J.10

  • Recipe for Reading page 89

  • Spelling- draw two pictures, label and color each 

Wednesday 1/26

  • Dinosaur math worksheet (2 sided)

  • Recipe for Reading page 90

  • Spelling write 2 sentences 

Thursday 1/27

  • Math IXL L.1

  • Recipe for Reading page 91

  • Spelling 2x each 

  • spelling test tomorrow 

  • 12:30 dismissal tomorrow 

Friday 1/28

  • Math worksheet pages 329-330

  • Recipe for Reading page 92 (Don’t forget to write the letters above each picture)

  • Language Arts IXL C.

Download file: home_practice/kindergarten-home-practice-9-7

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Download file: home_practice/kindergarten-home-practice-november-1-2021

Download file: home_practice/kindergarten-hp-11-8

Download file: home_practice/kindergarten-hp-november-15-2021

Download file: home_practice/kindergarten-hp-11-22

Download file: home_practice/kindergarten-hp-11-29

Download file: home_practice/kindergarten-home-practice-december-6-2021

Download file: home_practice/kindergarten-hp-12-13

Download file: home_practice/kindergarten-hp-december-20

Download file: home_practice/kindergarten-january-18-21

Download file: home_practice/kindergarten-home-practice-1-24

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